RE: Awesome new Mozilla roadmap!

> Exactly. Galeon/Epiphany are modular interfaces done to follow the GNOME
> style :)
> Doing the same with XUL is at best a lot harder than having a native
> implementation. But actually ... it's probably just impossible.
> Just to give and idea of things you'd have to do:
> - Buttons order. Yeah this appear to be simple in theory. But I already
> got a few bugs about our prompts ((we are more or less forced to use mozilla
> interface but we can control buttons order)
> - Menu layout. Well this is just a fork ...
> - Preferences dialog. Eeeek prolly another fork ...
> - Icons. I guess you would have to add linux only code to XUL.
> - File dialogs. Native implementation to do, prolly conflicts between how
> gtk one and windows one works.
> - Help. Uhm special case code for GNOME ? We use their help ?
> - Spacing, frames ... fork each dialog ?
> Also I dont think mozilla developers would be so crazy to accept prefs
> that control for example the menu layout. Do you imagine the pain to
> mantain it ?
> Their target is simply different, they are working on a multi platform
> interface and they provide embedding technologies exactly for the
> purpouse of native applications.
> It's possible to make a multi platform interface a bit more integrated,
> but making it really integrated means to special case everything.
> I'm not even convinced the theme stuff will work perfectly and theme is just
> a part of widgets consistence.

Well, said like that, it seems the amount of work involved isn't even
worth trying... too bad.

Thanks for your explanations.

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