Re: Killing views [Was: Dealing with files in Gnome]

On Thursday 03 April 2003 20:22, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> CUPS *has* always been an option in RedHat, however - at least in 7.3
> and 8.0 (haven't used RH before 7.3 since 6.1).

Well however it's good to see that CUPS is being used on more distros now 
regardless which one. As mentioned earlier CUPS was a good idea but had a lot 
of issues when used with native ghostscript e.g. it used that ps2raster fork 
of ghostscript and people didn't liked the idea of having CUPS installed and 
then required ghostscript again only to view some ps and pdf files through 
known frontends but recently since 1.1.5 (or 1.1.4) they realized that it's 
better to use a native ghostscript and thus the acceptance increased. No need 
to any filters anymore, no need to combine a lot of apps only to print 
something (or as printserver). CUPS installs cleanly and offers a nice 
webfrontend to set all stuff up nicely it's understandable that distros gonna 
switch from lprNG to CUPS.

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