Re: metacity, vte

Hi Havoc, everybody:

I have only one small concern about vte still (assuming that other folks
are sorting out the performance issues).  I know Nalin did a lot of
accessibility work for vte already (forgive me if I am mis-attributing
the work), based on Marc Mulcahy's work for libzvt.  However Marc is
really the only person we have on hand who's qualified to test the
result of the vte work, and Marc is in New York for the Helen Keller
award at the moment.  I know that his plate has been terribly full
lately... otherwise he would have done this much earlier.

I believe he plans to test this as soon as possible after he gets back,
but it's possible that he could turn up some issues that would need
sorting before making the switch, from an accessibility POV, since the
terminal is such a key part of making the desktop accessible to blind



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