Re: Progress bar on startup

> 	My feeling is that it might be nice to get more feedback from the
> settings daemon as to precisely what it's doing "Started ESD" eg. so
> that we can provide more useful feedback.

Even better than that, perhaps some effort should be made to make all
the feedback a bit more generically named?  If the point of this is to
inform users what's happening, telling them that "ESD" is starting
wouldn't be as useful as, say, "Preparing Sound"[1] or something
similar.  Basically this would do the same thing to all the strings in
the startup as was specified for the GNOME menus in the HIG - giving
everything a generic name instead of referring to specific "branding",
which means little to nothing to the user.

	- jck

[1] Yes, this isn't such a fantastic example, but you catch my meaning.

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