Progress bar on startup

When I log in for the first time, I find that most of my time is loading
libraries[1] from disk.  The splash screen pops up, and sits for a while
without actually updating anything.  It then rushes through all icons
almost immediately, then pops down.  Half of the icons are the
question-mark anyway, as they aren't listed in progress code.  Logging
out and back in immediately leads to a fully logged in state almost

Given that machines are getting faster, and GNOME is getting much
quicker to start up, what do people think of getting rid of the progress
indicator?  It doesn't really show any useful information right now.
Alternately, we could try to delay the registering with the session
manager until we're fully realized, which will delay the icon by a
little.  I can also add a sleep (5) to the settings daemon too. (-:

Any thoughts?  Anyone mind if I write up a patch to remove this

[1] That's my theory, anyway...

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