Re: Adventures in GNOME... X Terminals A-Go-Go!

<quote who="Michael Meeks">

> 	You're 100% right here - there is no problem with client side rendering
> - the speed of Jeff's video playing proves that. Since that can be done
> on the server and the frames pumped across the network without
> roundtrips it's just fine and speedy.

Yeah, I was initially under the impression that the client-side rendering
caused a lot of round-trips, but there are many other factors involved, as
you've pointed out in other mails (thank you for looking into this!).

> 	While the canvas still does AA (client side) rendering, we're no longer
> using it in nautilus, which means that per AA pixbuf we render, we have
> to do a chunky X server roundtrip - ie. 2 lots of network latency, and
> we have to do this per (icon + emblem) rendered.
> 	That's the root problem; not the canvas itself.

Okay, so, canvas stuff should be fine, but Nautilus is a special case, not
using the canvas - is there anything else doing similar things to Nautilus
that I can mention here?

- Jeff

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