Re: Adventures in GNOME... X Terminals A-Go-Go!

В Втр, 03.09.2002, в 17:19, Jeff Waugh написал:
> <quote who="Dmitry G. Mastrukov ??????? ??????????? ?????????">
> > I haven't expirienced all your troubles at all! Antialiasing, Nau,
> > gradient background with transparent picture above it, menu icons - all
> > work very quick.
> Note that most of my points are just suggestions for better performance. The
> only really significant issue is the canvas.
Such better perfomance makes totally useless the idea of terminal. Why I
need terminal without AA, without icons, without nice background?
I repeat - I think you have some configuration problem. I read one
mailing list about ltsp terminal solution. Nobody has problems with
client-side rendering. Guys happy run X-terminals on 386 with 16 Mb and
have feeling of work on power workstation. Power server with big RAM is
the key to comfort work. Seems X protocol (and all network stuff) makes
far less overload in comfort work problem than server issue.


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