Re: How do I switch to Sawfish??

On Sun, 2002-09-01 at 21:47, Dave Bordoley wrote:
> On Sun, 2002-09-01 at 23:26, David A. Bartmess wrote:
> > 
> > I'd agree with that.. I couldn't find any way to interactively change
> > the windowmanager, or the window decorations, etc, etc, etc. Seems like
> > Gnome is going the way of Windows, where they know better than you what
> > you want to do...
> In 2.2 the theme capplet will have a window border theme tab which will
> allow the user to change the metacity theme. This wasn't ready in time
> for 2.0.
> dave 

Not to ruffle feathers or flame (or get flamed) but I don't consider a
release complete unless it A) satisfies ALL the usages that came in the
previous release, or B) is missing usages from the previous release
because something better came along.

I've seen nothing in Gnome 2.0 that looks like it's complete. The
usability is not up to the par of Gnome 1.4, the abilities are less than
that, and personally, I feel like if it won't build without having to
tweak this and that, and pull in patches, then probably it shouldn't
have been released yet. 

I have a feeling ( and I'm possibly wrong about this ) that Mandrake's
9.0 release had a lot to do with Gnome 2.0 being pushed out the door
half complete. But I seriously look at this release like I would any new
Windows release, in that it's incomplete, buggy as hell, and just not
worth the trouble.

I'm sorry to all the Gnome users, but this is why I left Windows behind,
so that I didn't have to WORK to get a new release installed and running
with ALL my previous apps.

And before you flame me, look at my signature. I'm a Software
Configuration Manager, someone who is responsible for making sure the
software is complete, working correctly, and ready before issuing a
release. So I've been through this, I know what deadlines are like, but
I also know that unless it's ready, deadlines mean nothing. 
"Dingo" Dave Bartmess
Sr. Software Configuration Manager

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