Re: Happy Halloween from 5th toe the new version.

<quote who="Will LaShell"/>

> Here is the list the I'd like to use to start building up the basis for
> the new 5th toe releases.


> gthumb ( I can't find this app around anywhere, does anyone know if it
> still exists? )

> gnomemeeting
> gstreamer
> gst-player 

These three have been proposed for the Desktop release; if they are not
accepted, they can fall back to Fifth Toe. If that happens, pimping them
very loudly would be good. :-)

> libegg 

libegg is not really meant to be distributed as a separate library, bits of
it are included in other software before they make it to one of the platform

> Utility:
> --------
> acme 
> file-roller ( This isn't listed in the current sources, but will it be
> for GNOME 2.2? )

Both proposed for the 2.2 Desktop (probably more appropriate for powertools
if they don't get in, too).

> Games:
> -----------------
> atomix ( Don't know what the status is on this one... )

Perhaps gtetrinet too, as it hasn't been proposed for addition to

> Development tools:
> ------------------------------
> anjuta2 ( This isn't ready yet, but what do the developers think? )
> memprof
> ghex

Rock, it would be really great to pimp these.

> Office Applictions:
> ------------------------------
> I'm putting this category in as we don't currently have a separate GNOME
> office release yet that I'm aware of. These can be split/fed into that
> release as necessary.

I think we should get someone to look seriously at doing an Office category
before putting these in Fifth Toe.

> Soooo, now the infamous questions, comments, hey Will you are an idiot
> time is here ;)

Rock'n'roll, thanks very much guys.

- Jeff

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