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Arg!  I need to get the stupid mail list name right

Greetings everyone!

So, as we are nearing the feature freeze point and Bastien and I finally
are clear schedule wise, I've compiled a list of the original
applications considered for entry into GNOME 5th toe.  Here is the list
the I'd like to use to start building up the basis for the new 5th toe

rhythmbox ( We will need monkey media etc for this, too )
gimp ( I know its not a gnome app  but it's always been here )

xchat (  the new 1.9.2 version would be the one included )
gaim & gnomeicu  ( *shameless compliment  These guys have been going
crazy hacking!!! * )

There were originally various themes and theme engines listed here
originally. Do any of these apply now to GNOME2 ( metatheme perhaps? )

(There were some others here, but they were moved into the core release
file-roller ( This isn't listed in the current sources, but will it be
for GNOME 2.2? )
atomix ( Don't know what the status is on this one... )
Development tools:
anjuta2 ( This isn't ready yet, but what do the developers think? )

Office Applictions:
I'm putting this category in as we don't currently have a separate GNOME
office release yet that I'm aware of. These can be split/fed into that
release as necessary.

mergeant ( used to be gnome-db )

I'd like you all to consider what we could do with 5th toe. I think to
do the most good for 3rd party developers, that having 5th toe
"accumulate" application releases as developers make them and then
freezing those releases as we near the official release times is
definitely the way to go. The official release would consist of a set of
sources that compile against the target GNOME release. I think 5th toe
should have a separate release schedule that tracks the GNOME releases
but doesn't necessarily match it. 

In between releases applications should be able to drop out or be added
in as the app developers desire. This allows 5th toe to be more of an
application and library collection area, than a strict desktop release.
Obviously there would be a couple of requirements for the application /
library to be included. It needs to be stable, and compile against the
target release. It also needs to feel, "GNOMEy." I don't think that this
will honestly be a problem.

I realize that this can be a bit of a time sink and as such I'm
fortunate enough to have my employer be very understanding and encourage
me to work on this stuff, so I've definitely got the time.

If there are no major objections, I'd like to send a mail out announcing
that 5th toe is open for new applications. We accept apps as people show
interest,  and move on with life.

That's it right now..  Depending on the feedback given we will be
contacting the developers and moving forward with this.

Soooo, now the infamous questions, comments, hey Will you are an idiot
time is here ;)


Will LaShell
Bastien Nocera

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