Re: proposed multimedia stuff for Gnome 2.2 Desktop Platform

Hi Dave,

> I sort of like the idea of a media playlist view (pretty much what you
> have) which pops up windows for mpgs etc. that close when the video is
> finished playing. That way i can playlist any media files i have in a
> folder.

Do you mean the view should parse a playlist in your directory somehow 
(ie, be a view on a single playlist file) and then give you a list of the 
files in the playlist - or do you mean, show the directory contents as a 
playlist ? The distinction is important, and I'm interested in what people 
want here.  I consider nautilus as a file manager, so it should start from 
files (whether they be playlists or directory contents).  So I'm 
interested in your opinion.

> screenshot looks real nice.

Thanks ;) all suggestions re: layout and further polishing (it's not done 
yet) are welcome.



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