Re: Performance data for Theme capplet

On Wed, 2002-10-30 at 10:00, muktha wrote:

> The tool just shows that a function is called 'x' number of times but
> might not uncover problems due to algorithmic inefficiencies :(

	Algorithmic problems are the hardest to find, but most fruitful area of
optimisation - clearly a degree of effort is often required to
understand what is meant to happen, and how to do it better though.

>  In our future reports, we shall separate out the type checking related
> calls and try to highlight the application specific calls.

	That's great, thanks a lot.

> We primarily use Forte and Quantify tools to collect the performance
>  data. From what we have seen, Forte does not have any additional
>  options to get better data. We will explore more into the quantify
>  options.

	Brian seemed to post some nice stuff; 20% of time spent in this (6
function deep) stack trace (eg.) - tends to point to the real problem
much more precisely.



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