TARBALLS DUE: GNOME Desktop 2.1.2, Feature Freeze, Proposed Modules

Hi everyone,

2.1.2 Tarballs:

  Tarballs are due on October 31st for the unstable 2.1.2 release.

Feature Freeze / Proposed Modules:

  The 2.1.x feature freeze is almost upon us. After October 31st, no new
  modules or large features will be considered for the 2.2 release. This
  means that we can spend our time on the UI review, fixing bugs, and
  general polish...

  ... As well as the invariably huge thread about which modules to include
  that will inspire you to use Xinerama just to see the entire thread tree
  in mutt/evolution.

  So, to be included in the final 'proposed modules list', you need to mail
  desktop-devel-list/release-team with a short description of your software
  and a link. The list currently includes:

    - file-roller: Full-featured archive creation, browsing, and unpacking
      utility. See: http://fileroller.sourceforge.net/

    - gcalctool: Scientific calculator. Proposed to replace gnome-calculator.

    - gnome-icon-theme: Default GNOME icon theme.

    - gnome-themes: New package of default themes for GNOME, which currently
      includes GTK+ and icon themes designed for accessibility.

    - metacity: Window manager for the adult in you. Proposed to replace
      Sawfish as default window manager.

    - system-tray-applet: The panel notification applet makes its return, as

    - vte: Terminal widget with improved font, internationalisation and
      accessibility support. Designed to replace libzvt.
      seen in Red Hat 8.0.

  Only the modules listed on the 2.1.2 release announcement will be
  considered for the 2.2 release, so please mail and release now!


- Jeff

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