Re: Performance data for Theme capplet

Hi Michael,
Thanks a lot for the feedback.

Michael Meeks wrote:

>         Sadly this is pretty useless to people trying to optimise; they're more
> interested in "30% of the time is spent in the children of
> my_widget_frobnicate" - rather than a precise breakdown of how that time
> was spent furkling various types.
>         ie. the information is far, far too granular - we need more levels of
> stack trace for the most critical spots, and we also need to ignore all
> this type checking / underlying library code and cut to the algorithmic
> inefficiencies in the application so they can be fixed.
>         ie. this code:
> for (i = 0; i < 10000; i++)
>         a[i] = g_object_new (GTK_TYPE_WIDGET, NULL);
> }
>         is not going to show at all on your profile, almost certainly the
> locking overhead of object instantiation will swamp anything meaningful
> and a single stack frame will hide the real problem.

The tool just shows that a function is called 'x' number of times but might not
uncover problems due to algorithmic inefficiencies :(

 In our future reports, we shall separate out the type checking related calls and
try to highlight the application specific calls.

>         Do the tools do a better job if you tweak them ? it seems to me that
> ultimately to do sensible optimisation you need a more in-depth,
> interactive approach, not reflected in the profiles.

We primarily use Forte and Quantify tools to collect the performance data. From
what we have seen, Forte does not have any additional options to get better data.
We will explore more into the quantify options.

Suggestions if any will be of immense help.

Thanks 'n Regards
Muktha 'n Anand

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