Re: <ItemDir> in user vFolders


On second thought, you should just be able to set
$GNOME2_PATH=~/bin/gnome2 to have this work exactly as you are
expecting. :-)


On Tue, 2002-10-29 at 18:56, Alex Graveley wrote:
> > That line works fine if I drop it into the applications-all-users file
> > in /etc, which is why I think it should work...
> This is because the ItemDir/MergeDir file pool only applies to folders
> defined in that .vfolder-info.  
> I'm not sure if we should allow overriding in the way you are trying to
> do it.  Let me think about it some.  
> Other possibilities are adding <ItemDir>~/bin/gnome2</Itemdir> to the
> applications-all-users.vfolder-info, or copying
> applications-all-users.vfolder-info to applications.vfolder-info in the
> user vfolder location and changing the ItemDir there.
> -Alex
 on the canvass of life, incompetence is my paintbrush.

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