Re: Recently used applications

Luis Villa wrote:

On Tue, 2002-10-29 at 10:17, Nils Pedersen wrote:

And you create a new document quickly with your most commonly used
applications how (seeing as the usability team has also decided that an
easy-to-use favorites menu is also out of bounds?)
Luis <shaking head>

Well if you buy the OO approach, there would be a mechanism to create
a new <foo> document (or any other object) independant of having to
launch (from a user model perspective) the application.

Well IF you don't buy the OO approach yet then something next to Run Program,
like "Run Recent >" may be appropriate. Just anything, but favorites, please :)

Given that we have no such mechanism[1]... is there some good reason we
should not use a mechanism

We don't even have a design (user model) yet either. Seth, DaveB, and I have
talked about it - but thats all it is at the moment, talk.


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