Re: TARBALLS DUE: GNOME Desktop 2.1.2, Feature Freeze, Proposed Modules

<quote who="Havoc Pennington"/>

> I have the "rewrite Window Preferences capplet" patch, the tasklist patch
> for startup notification, the startup notification library, the GTK patch
> for startup notification support, etc. all ready to commit.

Heh, ROCK!

> I'm blocking on various maintainers for the patches to go in (gtk,
> control-center) and waiting on release team for permission to commit
> dependencies on libstartup-notification.

Yeah, so, that has been a bit of a problem with the current feature freeze.
Either it's unfixable because everyone is going to rush changes in before
the freeze (I cannot believe the amount of hacking going on over this w/e,
it's incredible), or we should ask for changes further down the stack to be
proposed as early as possible.

Tough one, but we'll cope for now. :-) I don't think libsnot [1] will be a

[ Just a thought: perhaps these proposed modules could include patches for
the changes above them in the stack, so they're easily puntable if no one
wants them. Probably too much work for too little gain. ]

> >   The list currently includes:
> I need libstartup-notification here, I'll post a tarball asap.

Great, thank you.

- Jeff

[1] You did call it that, didn't you? I recall Dave offering plentiful beer
in exchange.

    You know a French woman is faking it when she screams, "I would like    
                     the table near the window please!"                     

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