Annoyance with libgtop cvs

An annoytance has crept into libgtop. When you run autogen the process
stops with the following output


Please use AM_GNU_GETTEXT([external]) in order to cause
to look for an external libintl.

Please run 'aclocal -I m4' to regenerate the aclocal.m4 file.
You need aclocal from GNU automake 1.5 (or newer) to do this.
Then run 'autoconf' to regenerate the configure file.

You might also want to copy the convenience header file gettext.h
from the /usr/share/gettext directory into your package.
It is a wrapper around <libintl.h> that implements the configure

Press Return to acknowledge the previous three paragraphs.


I have tried the instructions with limited effect, configure and make
proceeds without any problmes after pressing return.

I cannot find any way to turn this off and it interferes majorly with my
build script (especially annoying as libgtop is around halfway)

Linux, Gnome what more do you need

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