Re: swallowed apps

Alan <alan ufies org> writes: 
> Well, I am one of the people who was using it, and would like something
> like this to return.  It is a PITA to have windows clogging up my
> interface when they should be swallowed apps on the panel (licq, jabber,
> etc).  While I agree that a stream of bug reports is bad, I have had 0
> troubles with the KDE implementation (which swallows gabber, psi, etc
> just fine).  Maybe the gnome developers should take a look at KDEs use
> of XEMBED (or whatever they used) and see if that can be used as a
> stepping stone for getting the gnome working.  

Anyone who lives and breathes bugzilla (as most of us do) will realize
that there is an ocean of difference between "works for me" and "works
for everyone."

> As for an applet, well, that's great, where is it?  I realize that
> everyone is working on 2.[1|2].x, but if it's that easy to create an
> applet to duplicate this functionaity, why wasn't one included so that
> my already cluttered window list applet could be freed up some more? 

Well, for one thing, because you didn't write it.

I don't know if it would go in gnome-applets, though I won't say
definitely not. But it would exist, and anyone that wanted it could
get it and use it. Many distributions would probably package it.

Remember RMS's line?

 "When will it be ready?"
 "Faster if you help."


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