Re: [Usability]Color properties (screenshots)

Hi Pier,

I have a couple of HIG- and GDSG-related suggestions for your dialog:

1. s/User interface colors/User Interface Colors
2. s/Widget/Control
3. s/Color profiles/Color Profiles
4. s/Color profile/Profile

1, 3: The capitalization section of the HIG suggests to use title capitalization 
for group box or frame labels. I think this rule should also apply to these 

2: The Style Guide suggests to use control rather than widget. This was discussed 
at length here:

4: It seems repetitive to say color profiles twice, and Profiles is more concise.


"Pier Luigi Fiorini" <plfiorini supereva it> wrote:
>Date: 27 Oct 2002 15:20:38 +0100
>Hi all,
>some time ago I have started writing a color properties capplet.
>Now I am going to work on a new version for GNOME, because the previous
>was not HIG compliant and it used to write a ~/.gtkrc-2.0.
>A screenshot is available at:
>The source code of both is available at the cvs server:
>export CVSROOT=":pserver:anonymous cvs it gnome org:/gnome"
>cvs login
><the password is anonymous>
>cvs co -P colors-capplet # the first version (it works fine!)
>cvs co -P gnome-color-properties # the new gnome version (it has only
>the gui)
>What I need to know is if the new UI is good enough to be claimed as HIG
>compliant and if you can include this code in GNOME control center (or
>any random module).
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