Re: GNOME Development Series Snapshot 2.1.1: "Flux Capacitor"

<quote who="Owen Taylor"/>

> > My mistake -> libgnomecanvas currently requires pangoft2, which is only
> > built if you have fontconfig/Xft2 installed.
> You don't actually need Xft2 for pangoft2, just fontconfig.

It doesn't look like it. I've just tested with fontconfig, without Xft2 ->
pango finds fontconfig, doesn't find Xft2, finishes up with:

  backends:  FreeType X

> I also believe that the rest of GNOME-2.1.x should build OK using
> pango-1.0.5, if you really can't install fontconfig for some reason.

fontconfig, luckily, is the easy bit. :-) Xft2 is a bit harder without
XFree86 4.2... Not good for users on other platforms.

I'd give the option of downgrading pango, but I'm not sure how pango 1.0.5
will satisfy libgnomecanvas' need for pangoft2.

- Jeff (removed announce list from To:)

         "The GPL is good. Use it. Don't be silly." - Michael Meeks         

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