Re: Keyboard shortcuts for launching applications

These days, pretty much every keyboard is full of multimedia keys.
The real issue is that there are no real keyboard "drivers" for X,
and no preconfigured mappings exist, so these keys must be xmodmapped
manually. But if we aren't going to use the keys that are actually
made for starting the web browser/etc... because they aren't on all
keyboards, why are we going to bother with any keys that aren't?
I know the machine I'm on right now doesn't have windows keys. It
has very few multimedia keys for that matter too, but that is the
price of simplicity and nice hardware.

I'll also restate that I don't think this belongs in metacity, and
setting/changing the defaults for the command keys to do things,
with no real user-visible way of seeing what they do, aside from
the fact that if you mistype and hit some keys, mozilla starts up,
is not a solution to the problem. But eh, what troubled times we
are in.

-- dobey

On Fri, 2002-10-25 at 12:04, Gaute Lindkvist wrote:
> > Yes, it is. See your XKeysymDB file.
> >
> > -- dobey
> >
> BTW. What about people not having these special keys? I'm not even sure
> they are available on _most_ regular keyboards.
> Gaute

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