[PATCH] improve proxy capplet


Marco and me made a patch for the proxy capplet which changes it to the
mockup I suggested before fixed with some of the suggestions I got.

Things that have been added are:
- ftp proxy, secure http proxy, socks host, and autoconfiguration url.

For backwards compatibility all the old /system/http_proxy prefs are
still being used. The new proxy keys are stored in /system/proxy.

The patch doesn't patch the gnome-vfs proxy schemas (yet), because
gnome-vfs prolly doesn't support all the new proxy prefs. Should we
patch that schema anyway or put the schema somewhere else?

The patch is here: http://nl.linux.org/~jorn/Files/proxy.diff

Tell us what you think, but please be quick since we really need this in
before the freeze ;)

Jorn, Marco

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