Re: Keyboard shortcuts for launching applications

> The problem really is that there are very few keyboard shortcuts that
> some application, now or in the future, would never want to use for
> itself...

> You'd almost certainly have to avoid Alt+anything, Ctrl+anything and
> Shift+Ctrl+anything.  Off the top of my head, I don't think anything
> GNOMEish currently uses Shift+Alt+anything, so that's a possibility, but
> I could be wrong...

Well.. IF it isn't possible to find some combinations that are available
on ALL keyboards, would it not be possible to just use the Windows keys?

I expect most installations of GNOME is on PCs with Windows keys. And for
instance, SUNs own distribution of GNOME could just have this patched to
use those cute diamond keys that are on the Sunray-keyboard I'm using at
this very moment instead.

I think it would be better to say use shift-alt if this isn't used by
anything else, but if not I'm not sure the Windows-keys are such a bad
alternative. If someone does not have them, they can still be relatively
easily changed.

At least the people that do not have Windows keys would be no worse off
than currently.


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