Keyboard shortcuts for launching applications

Since Metacity does have a reasonably simple way of adding keyboard
shortcuts for launching applications, and Metacity seems to become the
default GNOME WM, if not for stock GNOME, then for most distributions, I
think there should be a default set of keyboard shortcuts for commonly
used applications.

I would be more than happy to add these to Metacity in a patch myself,
since it is pretty simple, but
there needs to be a consensus about what exact keycombinations to use.

First I have a suggestion to what apps to provide this for:
1. Open up a new filemanager window without having to focus an existing
window. (for instance: some combination + f)
2. Open up the default Web Browser (some combination + w)
3. Open up the default text editor (some combination + e)
4. Open up the control center (some combination + c)
5. Open up the help index (some combination + h)
6. Open up the default terminal app (some combination + t)

What should this combination be? Should this even be done? Is the list of
default apps good? Should there be more or less of them?


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