Re: [Usability]Proxy capplet

Hi Jorn,

I have a few minor HIG- and GDSG-related suggestions for your mockups:

s/HTTP Proxy/HTTP proxy
s/SSL Proxy/SSL proxy
s/FTP Proxy/FTP proxy
s/Socks Host/Socks host

All of these to comply with HIG capitalization guidelines, Chapter 8, 
Table 8.3.

s/Port Number/Port number
s/User Name/Username

The first of these is to comply with HIG capitalization guidelines. The 
Recommended Terminology section of the Style Guide suggests spelling 
username as one word.

Also, would it be possible to put " Details" in the 
window titlebar rather than in the dialog?


"Jorn Baayen" <jorn nl linux org> wrote:
>Date: 22 Oct 2002 21:02:53 +0200
>The current proxy capplet is rather incomplete, since it only does HTTP
>proxy. It would be good if it could be extended to handle FTP and SSL
>proxies, socks host, and autoconfiguration URL as well. We need those to
>support proxying in Galeon properly, and gnome-vfs/nautilus should
>surely use them as well.  I'm willing to do the code, and have already
>made some UI mockups:
>There are some problems though: 
>- User/password. These may be different for each server, so we can't
>have a global u/p setting. 99% of the proxy users prolly have these the
>same though, but I think that for system configuration we'd better
>support everything. In my mockups I have moved this to a details dialog,
>since we can't really fit two entries extra per server into the dialog.
>- GConf keys. Right now, the proxy prefs reside in
>/system/http_proxy/host etc. Where do we keep the new keys?
>/system/ftp_proxy/host? That would bloat the /system dir too much IMHO.
>On the other hand, /system/http_proxy/ftp_host would be sucky too. I
>think the best would be to have something like /system/proxy/http/host,
>/system/proxy/ftp/host, etc, but this would break backward
>It would be really cool if this could be done before the 2.2 UI freeze,
>so that we can remove the proxy prefs from Galeon.
>Comments? Suggestions?
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