Re: [Usability]Proxy capplet

tis 2002-10-22 klockan 21.02 skrev Jorn Baayen:
> The current proxy capplet is rather incomplete, since it only does HTTP
> proxy. It would be good if it could be extended to handle FTP and SSL
> proxies, socks host, and autoconfiguration URL as well. We need those to
> support proxying in Galeon properly, and gnome-vfs/nautilus should
> surely use them as well.  I'm willing to do the code, and have already
> made some UI mockups:

(This is wrt
Windows usually has a nice feature in similar dialogs. If "Direct
Internet connection" is selected, the fields and labels belonging to
"Manual proxy configuration" and "Automatic proxy configuration" would
be greyed-out and inactive. When you chose "Manual proxy configuration",
the labels and fields in "Manual proxy configuration" would become
active, and so on.
This prevents users from filling in their details about their proxy
while still accidentally leaving "Direct Internet connection" selected
(and wonder why nothing happens), by giving them a nice visual clue that
something else must be done first.

I don't know if this is technically possible though.


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