Re: [Usability]Proxy capplet

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>Subject: Re: [Usability]Proxy capplet
>From: Christian Rose <menthos menthos com>
>To: Jorn Baayen <jorn nl linux org>
>Cc: desktop-devel-list gnome org, usability gnome org,
>	Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org>,
>	Marco Pesenti Gritti <marco it gnome org>
>Date: 23 Oct 2002 13:01:09 +0200
>tis 2002-10-22 klockan 21.02 skrev Jorn Baayen:
>> The current proxy capplet is rather incomplete, since it only does HTTP
>> proxy. It would be good if it could be extended to handle FTP and SSL
>> proxies, socks host, and autoconfiguration URL as well. We need those
>> support proxying in Galeon properly, and gnome-vfs/nautilus should
>> surely use them as well.  I'm willing to do the code, and have already
>> made some UI mockups:
>(This is wrt
>Windows usually has a nice feature in similar dialogs. If "Direct
>Internet connection" is selected, the fields and labels belonging to
>"Manual proxy configuration" and "Automatic proxy configuration" would
>be greyed-out and inactive. When you chose "Manual proxy configuration",
>the labels and fields in "Manual proxy configuration" would become
>active, and so on.
>This prevents users from filling in their details about their proxy
>while still accidentally leaving "Direct Internet connection" selected
>(and wonder why nothing happens), by giving them a nice visual clue that
>something else must be done first.
>I don't know if this is technically possible though.

This is how it's done currently in galeon.
I think it's possible to do it also in the applet.


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