Re: bonobo-activation breaking login

On Sat, 2002-10-19 at 22:05, Luis Villa wrote:
> It appears that somewhere in the giant slew of changes checked in to b-a
> on the 18th something broke; logins from current CVS now hang, at least
> for all ximian snapshot users and at least one 'regular' CVS user [I'm
> trying to track down more confirmation, but haven't yet.] This isn't
> Cool(tm) and breaks the 'CVS must always be buildable and testable'
> philosophy that we're trying to keep in the devel branch. Any idea what
> is wrong, guys? And can you fix or revert ASAP? Thanks-
> Luis 

agreed - currently rebuilding from 1910 cvs to see if its fixed

> P.S. Bug # is 96263.
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