Re: problem with building pango-1.0.4 and pangoxft2

On Sat, Oct 19, 2002 at 01:06:58AM +0100, mike wrote:
> I am running head cvs as my main environment.
> However I am trying to build a sandbagged 2.0.2 release in /opt/gnome
> The problem I am coming across is that pango is refusing to build
> libpangoxft, and of course later in the build packages are picking up
> libpangoxft in /usr/lib which is exactly what I dont want
> So how do I either force pango to build pangoxft or stop other packages
> linking to the version in /usr

Look in the config.log file and the output of ./configure when building
pango to see why the test for the freetype libraries are failing. Then
fix those problems.

I cannot tell you how to fix them becuase your email is
equivalent to "Dear Abbey, I have some problems. I won't tell you the
details. How do I correct them? Signed, Confused."


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