OT: undefined function reference

I realize this is slightly off topic, but it's for a gnome app, and it
seems that people here would know what to do.
Here's my setup:
src/, src/dialogs/, src/ops/
Code in src/dialogs/ needs to use functions in src/ops/ and
functions+structures in src/.  Everything makes fine, and seems to have
no probs with anything in src/, but I get undefined reference in
src/dialogs/seahorse-delete.c to "seahorse_ops_key_delete" that is in
src/ops/seahorse-ops-key.  How can I fix this?

Here's relevant Makefile.am excerpts:
SUBDIRS = ops dialogs

	-I$(top_srcdir) \
	-I$(top_builddir) \
	-I$(top_srcdir)/ops \
	-I$(top_srcdir)/dialogs \
	-DDATA_DIR=\""$(datadir)"\" \

seahorse_LDADD = -lgpgme \
	ops/libops.a \
	dialogs/libdialogs.a \

INCLUDES = -I$(top_srcdir)/src \
	-I$(top_srcdir)/src/ops \

noinst_LIBRARIES = libdialogs.a

libdialogs_a_SOURCES = \
	seahorse-delete.c seahorse-delete.h

	-I$(top_srcdir)/src \

noinst_LIBRARIES = libops.a

libops_a_SOURCES = \
	seahorse-ops-data.c seahorse-ops-data.h \
	seahorse-ops-text.c seahorse-ops-text.h \
	seahorse-ops-file.c seahorse-ops-file.h \
	seahorse-ops-key.c seahorse-ops-key.h

Thanks for any help.

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