Re: applications not in gnome menu / vfolder status in gnome-panel

Sylvain Pasche wrote:


I'm using gnome-panel 2.1.0 with garnome. My problem is that most of
the installed gnome applications don't appear in the Gnome menu.

The old .desktop files are imported well: all files under
$prefix/share/gnome/apps/**.desktop appear in the menu.

However, the new applications, such as eog, use the new vfolder policy
for desktops files (from what I understood), and install these files
in $prefix/share/applications/**.desktop

The problem seems to be that gnome-panel (as of 2.1.0) does not seeks
into $prefix/applications to display these .desktop files in the gnome
menu. Thus, I can't launch eog from the gnome panel menu, for example.

Has anybody a solution to this ? Does gnome-panel lack the feature of
reading .desktop files in share/applications to add them into the
menu. Or is it the application's fault, not to put the .desktop files
in the right place ?
If you installed over a an old gnome 2.0 install (one from before menu editing was fixed), it could be caused by some old files that should be removed. Look in $(sysconfdir)/gnome-vfs-2.0/vfolders. If there is both an applications.vfolder-info file and an applications.vfolder-info-default file, remove the applications.vfolder-info file. You will want to do similar for preferences.vfolder-info.

That should get your menus to display correctly (assuming this was the problem ...)


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