Re: applications not in gnome menu / vfolder status in gnome-panel

Yes, that was that.

I simply deleted ~/garnome and reinstalled all over, and everything
now is fine.



On Wednesday Oct 16  09:15, James Henstridge wrote:
 > If you installed over a an old gnome 2.0 install (one from before menu 
 > editing was fixed), it could be caused by some old files that should be 
 > removed.  Look in $(sysconfdir)/gnome-vfs-2.0/vfolders.  If there is 
 > both an applications.vfolder-info file and an 
 > applications.vfolder-info-default file, remove the 
 > applications.vfolder-info file.  You will want to do similar for 
 > preferences.vfolder-info.
 > That should get your menus to display correctly (assuming this was the 
 > problem ...)
 > James.
 > -- 
 > Email: james daa com au              |
 > WWW: | Jan 22-25   Perth, Western Australia. 

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