Gnome Media release is go go go

Gnome Media 2.1.0 is released: Codenamed "Why does no-one on want me to be interviewed?"

New Gnome Media is out yadda yadda yadda. It's 12:14am, you want
informative? Well tough, go somewhere else.

Whats changed?

Loads of bugs (32 by my rough estimate) have been fixed by me and the
Wipro guys and some other people. THANKS GUYS, I love you all. Big
thanks to Bala for all the bug fixing :)

Dialogs have sensible sizes by default, some extra just nice touches. No
new features or anything though. Just programs that work better.
Gnome-volume-control should work on devfs systems now.

Where is it?
------------ somewhere I guess.

What does it look like?

Same as it did before. I think there's really old screenshots at

Yeah, I've checked, they're there, and look pretty much the same.
The font is...jr!hand I think from

What is your favourite type of condiment?



"This way of life is so devised,
 To snuff out the mind that moves"

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