GNOME 2 and 2.1 bug day this Thursday

Been a while, but the bug team needs to get organized and happy again :)

*everyone who is interested should sign up for the bug-squad list[1]-
we're trying to get more organized and distribute important work to more
people.[2] It's very low traffic, so if you're curious, don't be bashful
about lurking :)

*Bug Day! It's been too long. Thursday, 9AMEST-9PMEST[3], just like the
good old days. We're going to try to be more organized than we have been
in the past- going forward, we want GNOME programs to have their own QA
teams, and hopefully we can start down that road on Thursday. So... come
on by, say hello, and read a few bugs. 

Anyway, hope to see many new faces and some old ones there-

[3]1400-0200GMT, I /think/... maybe 1500-0300?

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