Re: Mockup of the GNOME proxy dialog

<quote who="Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller">

> On the topic of Zeroconf and Rendezvouz. I know that Julian Missig is
> looking into using the rendezvous stuff released by Apple to give Gabber
> the same functionality as iChat. I guess adopting the released Rendezvous
> code by GNOME proper however would run us into a lot of licensing issues.
> I have also heard that people are not that impressed about the dhcp stuff
> apple has done as part of rendesvouz and which are not part of zeroconf.
> Also I have mailed a little with Erik Guttman (Erik Guttman Sun COM) who
> is co-chairing the zeroconf working group. Sun is looking into using
> zeroconf for some server config stuff apparently, but atm has no concrete
> desktop plans. But if anyone in the GNOME community plans on implementing
> zeroconf maybe contacting Erik would be an idea.

We also have zcip, which is for the address discovery side of things. So,
there are people working on sanely licensed versions of this stuff. :-)

Info here:

- Jeff

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