Mockup of the GNOME proxy dialog

Ok, I've been trying to weazel out some ideas about how to reconstruct the
GNOME proxy dialog, and here is my first suggestion. My current main
objectives with it, is that the disclosure triangle is not part of GTK+
yet, and is currently implemented as a cut and paste hack job in the
run dialog and the search tool.

Someone pointed out that that there should probably be a "No proxy for" as
well. I.e. hosts to try directly.

The reason for using a tree view here, is that there are four options
(HTTP, SSL, FTP, Socks) all
of which use exactly the same elements (URI and port), and there should
probably be a username and password element here as well. Although I'm not
sure which items this apply to. There could also possibly be additional
protocols available for using proxies later on.


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