Re: rampant gnome-canvas forking

On 12 Oct 2002, Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller wrote:

> Hi people,
> I just noticed that Lauris has put a copy of the gnome-canvas into
> Sodipodi and started working on it there. Alex has his foocanvas . Dia
> has diacanvas and there is also a diacanvas2. There is also something
> called gtkcanvas I seem to remember.

I'll need to dig up the mail, but IIRC Lauris' doing it was at least to
some extent (or so claims my meory, i'll have to check my mailbox to be
sure) also to do with dependency chain flattening and pruning. 

> Since 'everyone' forking the canvas is that a hint that we maybe should
> replace it with one of these forks, since the original one isn't
> pleasing anyone? Not sure if we can deprecate anything for 2.2, but if
> we can maybe the original canvas is it and maybe something like
> diacanvas2 should be the new official canvas?

Well, whatever we do, due to the virtue (or sin) of being part of the
gnome-2.0 platform, the library itself exposing the
same api that provides compatible functionality will have to stay around
as long as the platform does. 

It could well be some of the canvas 'forks' could be folded back into the
stock libgnomecnvas as API additions once they are sufficently stable.

> Christian


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