Re: rampant gnome-canvas forking


> I just noticed that Lauris has put a copy of the gnome-canvas into
> Sodipodi and started working on it there. Alex has his foocanvas . Dia
> has diacanvas and there is also a diacanvas2. There is also something
> called gtkcanvas I seem to remember.
> Since 'everyone' forking the canvas is that a hint that we maybe should
> replace it with one of these forks, since the original one isn't
> pleasing anyone? Not sure if we can deprecate anything for 2.2, but if
> we can maybe the original canvas is it and maybe something like
> diacanvas2 should be the new official canvas?

Seems like the canvas concept is quite popular.  Some people want more
features (am guessing Lauris needs to expand it for more desktop
publish-y things), while other people want less features (foocanvas).  

Other reasons for forking might include feature requests to the canvas
that can not be added as it is a frozen API.  

So the issue is more of a very interesting code base that has a frozen
API and people sometimes want to move it in a different direction.  I do
not know that any of those forks are stable apis or what are their long
plans for stability of the API


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