The GNOME 2.2 proxy dialog

After chatting a bit with Dave Bordoley on #galeon I figure it is time to
bring this to the surface again.

Galeon is not the only app to have proxy-settings. Lots of other net-apps
have/should have proxy settings, so having this centralized should be a
good idea (see bug 85389 and 85234)

Luckily there is already a GNOME-preference dialog for this
(yay!), sadly it does not include the necessary preferences. This seems
like a simple issue, and I might myself be willing to look at it, but
first the issue of wether or not this is wanted has to be settled.

The preference dialog currently includes the following prefs:
"Use HTTP proxy"

"Proxy requires username and password"

Web browsers would probably need the following (Galeon uses them):
SSL-proxy (and port)
FTP-proxy (and port)
Socks host (and port)
No proxy for (sites that are exempt from proxy)
automatic configuration + url

Some of these can probably be put under an "advanced" or "more
options"-tab, I'll have to look at the UI-guidelines for that one.

I'm not sure any of these options can be totally left out if this dialog
is to be a global proxy-dialog for all GNOME-apps though. They are all
pretty common settings and there is no possible default here, people use
different proxies.

Another thing is that the sysadmin should have the ability to set these
globally and override the user-choice, in which case the user should be
told that the sysadmin blocks the options. This is probably not really
related though.

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