Re: The GNOME 2.2 proxy dialog

On Tue, 2002-10-08 at 19:13, Gaute Lindkvist wrote:

> Web browsers would probably need the following (Galeon uses them):
> SSL-proxy (and port)
> FTP-proxy (and port)
> Socks host (and port)
> No proxy for (sites that are exempt from proxy)
> automatic configuration + url

AutoProxy requires javascript. This is because Microsoft made the
mistake of assuming anything that uses http over a proxy is a web
browser. The other settings should also be used by other things.
(It would also be nice if other apps used gnome-vfs for some
things, but I won't get into that.) For example, xchat or whatever
IRC client, should use the socks proxy settings. gFTP or whatever
other ftp client, should use the ftp proxy settings. It is also
apparent that the gconf structure for the proxy keys needs some
layout changes. There should be a /system/network directory, with
either separate directories for each proxy type (ie /http-proxy),
etc... with the No Proxy setting being available for each type of
proxy individually, or with the No Proxy setting being global and
residing under /system/network itself, or just throwing everything
under /system/network as /use_http_proxy, etc... The Auto Proxy
url would be /system/network/auto_proxy_url with a boolean for
/system/network/use_auto_proxy. However, this requires javascript,
and a full http implementation, afaik, neither of which are part
of gnome-vfs. Adding another dependency to gnome, that is 30MB in
size for a tarball, and requires another 2 gigs to build, is not
a feasible solution, IMNSHO.

Rodney Dawes <dobey free fr>

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