Re: One Theme Module to Rule Them All: gnome-icon-theme, gnome-themes

I think the reference to "accessibility themes" was more of an intro to
"why create the module" than a statement of what it should have in it.  

I think gnome-themes is a great place for our default collection of
themes, a few of which might be of special interest to accessibility. 
So it sounds fine to me, and I think Calum, Sander, and I intended that
it be the standard module for gtk+-themes if that's OK with everybody.

As for the relation to gnome-icon-theme, I think it would be better to
combine the two if that makes technical sense, especially since we will
want in many cases to coordinate between the desktop icon themes and the
gtk+ stock icons.  In the case of accessibility, we will want to have a
"desktop icon set" that matches each style of "gtk+ stock icon sets"
that we deliver, and I would think this would be true of many other
themes as well.  Are there issues which Alex sees with this other than
the potential size?  It seems gnome-themes could contain a set of
"standard" themes without become a catch-all for everybody's favorite
personal theme, in which case perhaps the size would remain manageable. 
It sounds, also, as if Jeff is thinking of gnome-themes as a "core"
desktop module, in which case it would be present everywhere nautilus
and the file selector are, would it not?


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