Re: One Theme Module to Rule Them All: gnome-icon-theme, gnome-themes

On 7 Oct 2002, Bill Haneman wrote:

> I think the reference to "accessibility themes" was more of an intro to
> "why create the module" than a statement of what it should have in it.  
> I think gnome-themes is a great place for our default collection of
> themes, a few of which might be of special interest to accessibility. 
> So it sounds fine to me, and I think Calum, Sander, and I intended that
> it be the standard module for gtk+-themes if that's OK with everybody.
> As for the relation to gnome-icon-theme, I think it would be better to
> combine the two if that makes technical sense, especially since we will
> want in many cases to coordinate between the desktop icon themes and the
> gtk+ stock icons.  In the case of accessibility, we will want to have a
> "desktop icon set" that matches each style of "gtk+ stock icon sets"
> that we deliver, and I would think this would be true of many other
> themes as well.  Are there issues which Alex sees with this other than
> the potential size?  It seems gnome-themes could contain a set of
> "standard" themes without become a catch-all for everybody's favorite
> personal theme, in which case perhaps the size would remain manageable. 
> It sounds, also, as if Jeff is thinking of gnome-themes as a "core"
> desktop module, in which case it would be present everywhere nautilus
> and the file selector are, would it not?

I don't see any large techincal issues with combining them. The size could 
go up quite a bit though. The gnome-icon-theme icons are about 1.3 meg 
currently, and may grow a bit. Adding the corresponding icons to all the 
7 themes in gnome-themes would mean approximately another 9 megs.

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