Re: folder vs. directory

Well, I actually now am in the habit of calling them 'folders' even in
console speak - it takes effort to do otherwise. ~,^

Also, directory has so many other meanings - especially as it's used in
ldap (lightweight *directory* access protocol) and MS' Active Directory;
indeed, using 'folder' is less confusing than 'directory' (directory of
files, directory of names, directory of bookmarks, etc. - to which do
you refer?).

And then, of course, the usual icon for a 'directory' is a file-folder;
presenting that image, then using a different name, is confusing.  Just
calling them folders while presenting them as folders is simpler and
less confusing.

So, if it helps any, just call them folders even in console land.  ~,^

On Sat, 2002-10-05 at 15:15, Christian Neumair wrote:
> Hi there!
> Maybe some of you asked themselves the same question:
> Why do we use folder instead of directory in applications like Nautilus?
> I assume that this was introduced to make it easier for people who used
> to run Windows on their computer. I think it's totally inconsistent to
> make a difference between graphical and console applications in
> terminology.
> see you,
>  Chris
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