Re: themes

Ben FrantzDale <bfrantzdale hmc edu> writes:
> If such an executable existed, then Metacity could easilly call it
> before loading a theme and then the user would get a warning. Even
> though gconf-editor isn't really an end-user tool, making sure the error
> message will always come up when there is a problem seems important.
> Also, if an error message were internal to Metacity, then if someone
> wanted to make a script that called gconf to change Metacity's theme,
> the dialog would be gurenteed to show up.

The thing I don't like about having it in metacity is that metacity
doesn't have enough information about what the user was doing. You can
easily imagine a situation where the dialog keeps coming up and won't
go away (or if I coded it stupidly, where you got 200 copies of the
dialog). Also, you could get in a situation where you see the dialog
on every login and don't know what it's about.

If it only comes up when the user is explicitly fooling with themes,
then it's much less likely to come up in some weirdo context.

I'd just take it as more robust to do it in the control center for
this reason.

Ah, also the dialog should be transient for the theme control panel,
if the error is actually caused by a change in the theme panel.  (And
also you probably do want to filter bad themes from the panel, and
detect them when trying to install them, and perhaps offer to
uninstall bad ones if they are installed.)


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