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On Wed, 2002-10-02 at 09:17, Mark D'voo wrote:

> How come a lot of themes don't work ?  Any theme i install that shows up in 
> metacity-setup doesn't work.  If i manually change the theme with gconf, 
> about half of them work.  

The metacity theme format was changed slightly mid-development, so you
might just be using old themes.  You can edit them yourself quite easily
to make those ones work, but I forget what the magic line is you need to
add to the XML file-- somebody else here can probably tell you.

>  Same goes with gtk2 themes.  Some of them change 
> the background colors but don't change the scroll bars or anything like that.

Only engine-based themes (ones that install their own library for
drawing the widgets differently) can change the scrollbars etc. as far
as I know.  I'd guess either the theme isn't installing an engine for
you, or it's installing it in the wrong place.  (Or maybe it's just not
supposed to draw the widgets differently, but I assume you're comparing
your results with a screenshot of how it's supposed to look).


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