Re: themes

On Thu, 2002-10-03 at 15:43, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Ben FrantzDale <bfrantzdale hmc edu> writes: 
> > I just fixed a theme recently so it works. (There really should be some
> > feedback from metacity that it sees the gconf theme key change but that
> > it can't load the theme. Sending a message to stderr is
> > sub-optimal.)
> My opinion is that the theme control panel should do this, rather than
> metacity. Or the control panel could even refuse to display/install
> themes that don't work.
> Metacity could easily provide a metacity-theme-validate executable for
> this purpose.

If such an executable existed, then Metacity could easilly call it
before loading a theme and then the user would get a warning. Even
though gconf-editor isn't really an end-user tool, making sure the error
message will always come up when there is a problem seems important.

Also, if an error message were internal to Metacity, then if someone
wanted to make a script that called gconf to change Metacity's theme,
the dialog would be gurenteed to show up.

It's your call, though :-)


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