Unannounced gnome-mime-data string change

The following string addition in gnome-mime-data wasn't announced to
translators at gnome-i18n gnome org  It would have been great if it had
been announced. No one likes bad surprises when there's supposedly a
freeze going on.

revision 1.66
date: 2002/09/30 08:36:58;  author: mpeseng;  state: Exp;  lines: +12 -3
2002-09-30  Marco Pesenti Gritti  <marco it gnome org>

        * gnome-vfs.keys.in: Add audio/mpeg entry and rename audio/x-mpeg
        * gnome-vfs.mime: Add audio/mpeg for mp1 extension
        * gnome-vfs.applications: Use audio/mpeg


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