Minutes for release team meeting 2002-10-02

Minutes for Gnome 2 release team meeting 2002-10-02

Present:                    Apologies                Absent

Frederic Crozat             Jody Goldberg            Jeff Waugh
Glynn Foster                Luis Villa
Telsa Gwynne                Karl Gaffney
Mikael Hallendal

* Jeff sent all his comments right after the meeting. I have
added them because they make things clearer even though he
wasn't there. I know that's not how minutes should be done,
but they're supposed to be useful above all. :) 


  DONE: The ftp changeover
  ftp.gnome.org now has a new directory structure. 

  PENDING: Jeff to check in changes to dotplan.
  => Jeff is awaiting a computer (!)
  => Actually a hard disc which disappeared. Still hunting.

  PENDING: Jeff to install analog or webalyser on the box hosting dotplan
  so we know what people are looking for/at/over.
  => In fact, anyone with widget access can do this. Must ask

  PENDING: Jeff to create check-list of "things to do before major
  release" and maintain it so it's ready for 2.2.0.
  => post-FTP changeover, but he's started anyway.
  => everyone to contribute stuff to mailing list

  PENDING: Jeff to write 'GNOME 2.2 Desktop Modules' GEP and post, etc.
  => This action has morphed. The one GEP has become three: one about
  the developer platform of GNOME; one which is a list of modules for
  the desktop generally which will be a base for future GEPs to work
  from; and one which will be the desktop platform module list specifically
  for 2.2 (when 2.4 comes along, that will have its own). He has started
  writing this (these).
  => Partly written. Not sent out

  NEW: Mikael to prioritise API docs needed

  NEW: Telsa to makeashorterlink 2.0.3 bugs

  NEW: Telsa to post reminder to desktop-devel-list and g-h that
  "you are here" and that we need more tarballs. [Jeff comment:
  he's about to do this anyway]

Decisions and discussion:

  * 2.1.x status

  We don't have all the tarballs in yet. We need to prod a few people,
  because this is a time-based release and we want 2.1.0 out. It's
  running late. We also need to start the snapshots again. [Jeff
  comment:  could go out without gedit if we don't get gnomeprint.]
  * bug status

  We don't have much info here. We are all too used to Luis bailing
  us out :) Telsa will ask gnome-bugsqaud about 2.0.3 bugginess beauty.
  * API docs status

  Mikael has volunteers to write gobject and gnome-vfs API docs now.
  Need to find out what maintainers are planning for some of the other
  modules. Mikael will prioritise what is left to do.

  * "What's happening in 2.2"/feature lists.

  We were all supposed to find out the feature lists for various
  modules. The responses are not yet all in yet, but we have quite
  a few which are too long to list here. Glynn will summarise it
  to desktop-devel-list by Friday afternoon his time (GMT). Telsa
  is bad and has not yet asked the maintainers of the packages she
  was supposed to ask about. [Jeff comment: he's doing a web page
  with this on: the URL can go in the email]

  * Fifth Toe

  Jamin has no time to do Fifth Toe. We have one brave volunteer
  so far. 
  * Any other business

  Since it was only Europeans on the phonecall, we have a title
  for the next release :) 

  We shall send out a "where we all are" summary by Friday pm (or
  am for North Americans). 


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