RedHat 6.2 + libglade-convert

Hi all,
	I have been unsuccessfull in getting RedHat 6.2 to build the
libglade-convert library, for Gnome 2.0.1.  I have built and install python
2.2 and the python-xml. The configure script finds python in the correct
location, but it does not build the library.  In my build environment I am
using gcc-3.0.4, python 2.2, PyXML 0.8, the latest gnu tools (gettext,
libiconv, etc).  Any recommendations, or did I miss something??

Output from config.log:

configure:10187: checking for Python >= 2.0 with expat support
/home/c2_tools/working/tareed/3rdparty/gnu/rhlinux6.2-3.0.4/bin/python looks
configure:10235: result:

Timothy Reed
Software Engineer \ Systems Administrator
Lockheed Martin - NE & SS Syracuse
Email: timothy a reed lmco com

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